General Information

Friday- October 3rd 10:00a.m. to 2:00p.m. Prerace checkin. All runners will weigh in. 2:00p.m. Runners and crew briefing. 4:00p.m. Spaghetti Dinner. Bring a lawn chair. Saturday- October 4th 5:30a.m. All runners in at the starting line. 6:00 a.m. Runners start! Sunday- October 5th 9:00a.m. to noon. Post race Pancake breakfast to runners, crew, family, and volunteers. 12:00 noon Runners finish. Awards: Plaques to male & female overall winner plus sterling belt buckle. Enameled buckles to sub 24 hour finishers. Bronze buckles to the runners who finish within the 30 hour cutoff.


These motels are in Little Rock, AR, on the West side of town:

Cut-Off Times and "Rules"

Each runner is allowed to set his or her own pace as he or she is out 
of the aid stations by the cut-off times.
1. Powerline 49.1 8:45 p.m. Saturday
2. Powerline 68.3 2:30a.m. Sunday
3. Winona 85.4 7:45 a.m. Sunday
4. Finish 100 12 noon

Crew Directions

There are only two crew access roads on the course. FSR 114 and FSR 132. Both are well maintained. However, I strongly urge you to use FSR 132. FSR 114 has a long history of flat tires. For gas or groceries during the race there is Williams' Junction Grocery Store. It does NOT stay open late. There is also a store at Paron which is on Hwy 9 past the turnoff to Lake Winona. Plan accordingly. DRIVE CAREFULLY ON THESE NARROW Forest Servic Roads. You will have plenty of time to meet your runner at the next crew aid station. 1. From the START to mile 17.6. Stay at Lake Sylvia. The runners will follow the Ouachita Trail back to where the Ouachita Trail enters Lake Sylvia. 2. Lake Winona Aid Station at mile 31.9. Folllow Hwy 324 east to Hwy 10. Turn right onto Hwy 10 and continue 1.5 miles to Williams' Junction and Hwy 9. At the intersection take the right hand fork onto Hwy 9. Go approximately 5 miles to the burned down remains of Brown's Corner Grocer. Look for a telephone booth. Turn right onto Lake Winona Road. Go 4 miles. Look for the aid station on your left down FSR 778 about an 1/8 mile. 3. Powerline Aid Station at mile 49.1. From Lake Winona Aid Station, go back to intersection of Hwy 9 and Lake Winona Road. Turn left. Go about 2 miles to the Winona Scenic Drive. Turn left. This is the same FSR 132. Follow 132 approximately 20 miles. The Aid Station will be set up under the transmission power lines where they cross over FSR 321. 4. Turnaround Aid Station at Mile 58.7. From the Powerline, retrace your route east toward Lake Winona. Approximately 10 miles you will come to the intersection of FSR 132 and FSR 75. Turn right. Go 3 miles to FSR 114. Turn left. Go about 1/4 mile to the intersection of FSR 114 and FSR 2. Turn right and go one mile. Aid Station will be on your right. 5. Powerline Aid Station mile 68.3. From the Turnaround, retrace your route west to the Powerline. 6. Lake Winona Aid Station mile 85.4. See Direction #2. Follow FSR 132 east all the way back to Hwy 9. 7. FINISH at Lake Sylvia. See Direction #1. Follow Hwy 10 to Hwy 324 to Lake Sylvia.

AT100 Tips

1. If you are prone to foot blisters, make sure you have what you need in your drop bags to care for them. 2. On your drop bag place your NAME, RACE NUMBER, AND DROP BAG STATION. They should be water proof. 3. Drop bags can be set out Friday before the race or Saturday morning before the start. 4. If you want a nice warm blanket waiting for you when you finish, be sure to put one in your Lake Sylvia Drop Bag (mile 17.5). 5. TRAIN WISELY, RUN CAUTIOUSLY, ACCEPT THE PAIN, AND HAVE FUN! "It never always gets worse." -- Unknown Sage Ultra Runner

Letter From the Race Director

Dear Runner, Welcome to the 1997 Arkansas Traveller 100. The Arkansas Ultra Running Assocation, the U.S. Forest Service, the Lake Sylvia Community Project and the many race volunteers await your arrival. We are going to have a good time!!! First, let me tell you how to get to the race Headquarters and a little about the area. To get to the start from Little Rock, travel West on Hwy 10. From the I-430/Hwy 10 overpass, to approximately 26 miles to the intersection of Hwy 9 and Hwy 10 at the William's Junction community. There will be a grocery store on your left. Continue past the store, now on Hwy 10/9 for approx. 1.5 miles to Hwy 324. Look for the Lake Sylvia Recreation Area sign on the right. Turn left onto Hwy 324. If you are staying in Morrilton, drive on Hwy 10 and Hwy 10/9 direct to Hwy 324. It is about equal distance from Little Rock. From Hwy 324 it is four miles to the check in. You will see Camp Ouachita, an abandoned girl scout camp; Lake Sylvia picnic area (the AT 100 check-in area) and the turn in to the camp ground. The girl scout camp is no longer in use. However, with the assistance of the Lake Sylvia Community Project, the U.S. Forest Service and other interested parties, the process has begun to restore the stone lodge and caretaker's building. For the last five years the Arkansas Traveller has donated profits from the race to their efforts to restore the camp. To the Arkansas Ultra Runners, this area is one of our favorite places to train. We want you to enjoy it too. Now lets talk. We will have extra sweat shirts, shirts, caps, and maybe more for sale during the weekend. This helps us keep our entry fee down and yet still allows us to meet the budget - so buy up! October is Arkansas' premier weather month. Usually dry and cool. Things can change and it could be hot and humid, or rainy. The race will start at 6:00 a.m. and it *will* be dark. Expect to run in the darkness 30 to 45 minutes. Expect darkness to fall early Saturday evening around 6:00 p.m. A full moon is NOT expected this year. Plan to use your drop bags for your flashlights. If you dropped a flashlight in the a.m. at the first aid station, those lights will be at the 132C aid station on your return. Be sure you have your name on it! At the present time we plan on having 24 aid stations. Distance will vary from 2 to 6 miles. Drop bags will be at five points. Because this is an out and back route, your drop bags will serve you two times. Pacing will begin when you reach the Powerline Aid Station (approx.49 miles). Crews can meet their runner at miles (rounded off) : 17, 32, 49, 58, 68, and 85. There are cutoff times on the course that will follow a 30 hour race pace. I think that this is pretty liberal. We will have at least two weigh-in points. We will follow the traditional 3%, 5%, and 7% weight loss guides that you see at other 100s. Several of you have asked about pacers. I will try to keep this in mind. But in all honesty, my efforts have been in manning aid stations, etc. I'll try and keep a list. If you plan on camping at Lake Sylvia, the fee is $12.00 per night. First come, first served. No reservations. One more thing. For those of you that use the race application in Ultra Running magazine, you can sign your race waiver when you check in. Let me introduce the leadership of the 1997 Arkansas Traveller 100: Tom Chapin, Dave Cawein, Jim Schuler, Lou Peyton, and myself. Tom is by profession a Church of Christ Minister of Music and will be preparing our prerace meal and managing the finish line area. Jim and Dave are professional Foresters and live in Morrilton. They will oversee marking and monitoring the route. Lou, my wife, is contacting and enlisting volunteers. These individuals provide invaluable input on the directorship of the race and planning activities. Don't Forget -- Entry fee is refundable up until September 9th. 50% return up until October 1st. No refund after October 1st. If there are significant changes in our planning, I will let you know as soon as possible. As questions arise, you can contact me at 501-225-6609, after 6:00 p.m. or write: Charley Peyton, 41 White Oak Lane, Little Rock, AR 72227-3309 Happy Trails, Charley Peyton

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