Ultrarunners (USU)

The 1997 race was held September 13 at Winschoten, Holland. Here are the members of the 1997 team:

Women:                              Womens Teams Results:
Janice Anderson                     1 Germany 22:50:36
Kris Clark-Setnes                   2 France 23:26:52
Chrissy Duryea-Ferguson             6 USA 25:37:16:
Lorraine Gersitz                      84 Chrissy Duryea-Ferguson, USA  8:03:28
Jennifer Johnston                    109 Kris Clark-Setnes, USA        8:32:38
Ellen McCurtain                      135 Janice Anderson, USA          9:01:10

Men:                                Mens Teams Results:
Jim Garcia                          1 Russia 19:53:47
Mark Godale                         2 Great Britain 20:44:27
Tom Johnson                         7 USA 21:23:11:
Kevin McGovern                         8 Tom Johnson, USA              6:44:39
Kevin Setnes                          32 James Garcia, USA             7:12:35
Scott St. John                        45 Kevin McGovern, USA           7:26:32

Dr. Lion Caldwell, New Mexico - Medical
Lin Gentling, MN - Women's Team Leader
Barry Duncan, WI - Men's Team Leader

1997 Team
(Back Row)Barry Duncan (Men's Team Manager), Mark Godale, James Garcia, Kevin Setnes, Tom Johnson, Scott St. John, Kevin McGovern
(Front Row)Kris Clark-Setnes, Lorraine Gersitz, Janice Anderson, Ellen McCurtin, Jennifer Johnston, Chrissy Duryea-Ferguson, Lin Gentling (Women's Team Manager
(Not Pictured: Lion Caldwell - Team Physician)

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