9 September 2001

2221 Baihly Ct. SW

                                                                                                Rochester, MN 55902


Ultrarunners Supporting Ultrarunners (USU)

C/O Stewart Logie, Treasurer

123 Dot Avenue

Campbell, CA 95008


Dear USU Contributors and Supporters,


You have made a difference for the 2001 USA 100K team! Thanks so much for your generosity. You have no idea how important your support is and how much it means to us!


None of us travel to France solo. Regardless of whether there is one or there are many in our entourage, we take the hearts and souls of those who are sending us their warm thoughts and wishes for safe travels and great performances. I know when times get tough during those kilometers, we often remember all those who so generously supported the team and whose thoughts we carry. It seems to produce those 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc. winds so essential to doing well in international competition.


It is when we are out there training, the heat is oppressive, the heart is pounding, the feet are screaming, contemplating how we are going to purchase that plane ticket, and we question simply why. Then we receive a note of support, kindness, and understanding. That is truly all we need to continue the honor of representing our country and the people who share the love of our sport. Your generous contributions were used to the greatest benefit for the 2001 USA National 100K Team as we competed in Cleder, France, on 26 August. There are many stories to share!!!


Thank you on behalf of the US National 100K team for your continued support. Certainly it is making a difference. Hopefully someday soon, we will not have to seek donations to support a national ultrarunning team competing in world championships. We will be fully recognized by the USATF as a fully sanctioned team. Undoubtedly we are a team with considerable spirit and dedication, and undoubtedly the most successful distance team in the US. Much of that is due to the belief of people like you who know what we do and that we can do it. There were many victories in Cleder and great amounts learned, both for the individual runner and for the team. We will come back stronger and wiser, and look forward to your continuing support. Please know that you will always be a part of all this knowledge and victories. THANK YOU. Your efforts and generosity are greatly appreciated.      


Best regards



Lin Gentling