The Bartley Double



Silver State

Ohlone Wilderness

2013 Loren Lewis, 41 12:51:08(50m) 7:54:34
2000 Stan Jensen, 47 7:28:24(50k) 7:37:41
1999 Stan Jensen, 46 7:55:44(50k) 6:37:20
1998 Stan Jensen, 45 8:44:09(50k) 6:42:40
1997 Stan Jensen, 44 9:02:58(50k) 7:15:07
1996 Mo Bartley, 41 7:41:49(50k) 5:28:50
1995 Mo Bartley, 39/40 8:05:36(50k) 6:03:44

To be eligible, people must finish the Silver State 50 (Km or Mile) and the Ohlone Wilderness 50K on the same weekend.

The purists insist that the runner must drive themself from one race to the other (~230 miles), i.e. they can't be a passenger or use other forms or transportation, e.g. plane, train, etc.

Bonus points if you run the 50 mile version of the Silver State 50!

This is an unofficial series which was thought up sometime (1995?) by Maureen "Mo" Bartley, who ran it on her 40th birthday.

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