What's new on the Run100s web site

12/29/99: Added the Rio Del Lago 100 information.
12/8/99: Added more examples to the goodies page.
12/3/99: Added Reid Walden's photos for the 1999 Angeles Crest 100.
12/3/99: Added a new page for milestones (special achievements).
12/1/99: Added Grant McKeown's photos for the 1999 Vermont 100.
11/29/99: Added Colby Olds' photos for the 1999 Quad Dipsea.
11/27/99: Updated the profiles of selected ultrarunners.
11/27/99: Added the list of WS100 lottery winners.
11/18/99: Added Grant McKeown's reports for the Vermont 100 and JFK.
11/17/99: Updated the weekly list of WS applicants.
11/15/99: Added two reports for the Haliburton Forest 100.
11/4/99: Added the new RDs for the Firetrails 50.
10/30/99: Added captions to this year's photos of running on Kauai.
10/28/99: Added more examples of goodies.
10/28/99: First updates to this page.
10/27/99: Added more photos of running on Kauai.
10/25/99: Fixed Grand Slam and LGR tables and statistics.
10/10/99: Added photos from the 1999 AC100.
10/7/99: Tracy Brock suggests this What's New page (thanks!).

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