What's new on the Run100s web site

12/31/00: Uploaded the 2001 entry form for Way Too Cool.
12/30/00: Added the Quad Dipsea results to the Ultra Grand Prix section.
12/22/00: Updated several Bios and miscellaneous races.
12/7/00: Changed the RD info for the AT 100 and made several updates to the USU pages.
12/7/00: Added Bill White's 720KB MPEG video of the Quad Dipsea start.
12/3/00: Many, miscellaneous updates and changes.
11/16/00: Removed Coldfoot from the list of 100 milers in 2001.
11/9/00: Added the JFK 50 results.
10/25/00: Changed the date of the Vermont 100 on the list of 100 mile ultras to 7/21/01.
10/13/00: Added calendar events from the October UR to the races page.
10/12/00: Added yearly indexes to the results section.
10/11/00: Added miscellaneous race results.
10/8/00: Added results from Angeles Crest and numerous other files.
9/28/00: Added a basic page for the new H.U.R.T. Trail 100.
9/26/00: Added calendar events from the September UR to the races page.
9/21/00: Over 40 updates, including some reports and some photos.
9/11/00: Many, miscellaneous updates and changes.
9/6/00: Added Teddy Roosevelt's quote.
8/28/00: Added Barry Fisher's Leadville report.
8/25/00: Added Eric Clifton's MR100 victory to the list of those who've won Multiple 100s.
8/21/00: Updated the Leadville page and the Grand Slammers status.
8/11/00: Added Buzz Burrell & Peter Bakwin's reports to the John Muir Trail section.
8/10/00: Updated the list of NoCal ultras.
7/26/00: Added Don Maclurcan as the 1600th UltraBio
7/10/00: Updated my Hardrock page.
7/6/00: Added two reports from Western States.
6/29/00: Started to add the actual historical dates to all 100-milers.
6/28/00: Updated the annual summary of 100 milers.
6/26/00: Updated the list of Grand Slam wannabees.
6/7/00: Added or updated about a dozen Bios.
5/11/00: Created a directory of splits to help people plan their race pace.
4/10/00: Added the results from the Umstead 100.
4/5/00: Added the Heartland 100 to the list of 100 milers.
4/2/00: Added the list of Grand Slam wannabees.
3/27/00: Added an entry for the 4/21 Lost Soul 100 to the list of 100 mile ultras.
3/2/00: Added photos from the 2000 Catalina 100k and the Coyote 4 Play.
1/24/00: Started a photo album for 2000.
1/10/00: Finally updated the home page goals for 2000.

What's New in 1999.
10/7/99: Tracy Brock suggests this What's New page (thanks!).

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